Safari remains number 1 mobile browser while Internet Explorer is still top for Desktops.

Apple’s iOS browser has 61.79 percent of all mobile browser Web traffic in March — a significant leap from the 55.41 percent using the browser in February, Net Applications found.

Safari had a strong lead over all the other browsers, including Android which placed second with a 21.86 percent share. Opera Mini took third with 8.4 percent, while Chrome took 2.43 percent and Microsoft Internet Explorer took 1.99 percent. BlackBerry had 0.91 percent and Symbian just 0.54 percent. Other browsers made up 2.08 percent of Web traffic.

When it comes to desktop, however, Safari takes a backseat to IE, which enjoyed a 55.83 percent share of all desktop browser Web traffic in March.

Source: Net Applications