The Directors of Balmain Web Design are the authors of numerous successful software products such as ReTailManager, NewsManager and Touch POS Ice and have successfully run software development / IT business for over 20 years.

Being in a demanding service orientated industry for that length of time we have gained the experience necessary to help other small businesses and can help with the input into your web site to design it as a valuable asset to your business and also a selling tool.

We do this in a number of ways. First of all, whatever your marketplace, you need to look professional. A well designed website is the best and most economic method of meeting this end. Getting visitors to your site is not easy so you don’t want to waste a single one. Your site must convey the image that you know what you’re doing. A site that looks like a home done job does not convey this image.

But before a visitor can decide to make contact thru your website, your site will have to be found. So, the site needs to be constructed technically well to be search engine friendly. This is a sophisticated process that is achieved best by professionals.

If you combine a professionally constructed site with search engine optimization and possibly online advertising all managed by us, you will have a website that is a true asset.

Please contact me personally if you’d like to discuss budgets, timeframes etc. by using our contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Murphy.