Google is rolling out a huge update and causing major waves.

What’s the New Google Update This Time?

It does seem that Google is always updating, but really in the end it does come out being for the good of websites and searchers alike. This particular update seems to be similarly beneficial, but just what is it? Google is going to be issuing a new update this month that focuses completely on mobile users and searchers. More people seem to be checking their favourite sites on their smartphones or tablets, which is making Google realise just how important an update is for mobile users.

This is an incredibly large update – so large that Google wants to make sure everyone knows and can prepare before the change is issued! Let’s take a look at this mobile update in detail to help you know what to expect and how to prepare your site for the impending changes.

Why is Google Focusing on a Mobile Update?

Mobile usage rates are growing quickly. Wherever you go people are on their smartphones. Google wants to make sure its users can have a great user experience when searching on mobile devices, and, therefore, are making it imperative for your site to be mobile-friendly.

Will this Impact Your Site?

It will only impact your site if you are not already mobile-friendly. However, this update should not and will not impact your desktop rankings if someone searches from their desktop. You will get penalised when it comes to mobile searches, though, which will steadily become detrimental as time progresses.

An interesting aspect that Search Engine Land points out is that you need to make sure all web pages on your site are mobile-friendly. This algorithm will go page by page, and if you have ten pages that convert to mobile and ten that don’t, you will see penalties for those ten non-mobile pages. This is quite disconcerting to many different businesses, especially if they don’t know if their websites are mobile-friendly.

How to Know if Your Website is Already Mobile-friendly?

It isn’t difficult to find out how mobile-friendly your site is because Google is helping in that regard. The search engine giant has provided a Mobile-Friendly Test for web pages but remember to enter in all of your pages to ensure they are all mobile-ready and friendly.